Comfort<sup>&trade;</sup> Coil

While your system’s indoor coil may not always get as much attention as its more visible system components, this unassuming evaporator/furnace coil is a key part of your HVAC system. Without this hard-working member of its “team,” your heating and cooling equipment would not be able to function, nor would you be able to enjoy the comfortable indoor environment your heat pump or your air conditioner and furnace so efficiently provide. The critical role this component plays in keeping your home comfortable makes our technologically advanced Comfort Coil one of the most important members of the Trane family of residential home comfort solutions.

The Trane Comfort Coil represents HVAC technology at its innovative finest. Trane coils are composed completely of aluminum, which eliminates the problem of rust. In fact, Trane was first in the industry to develop an all-aluminum indoor coil following their earlier tradition of using outdoor aluminum coils. When it comes to setting new industry standards, Trane is on the cutting edge. You can count on us to bring you solutions to issues that need correcting and then expertly install the products that make life easier for you.

A few other innovative design advantages make the Trane Comfort Coil a smart choice for longer life and better indoor air quality. Its two-way, noncorrosive sloped drain pan gets rid of the problem of standing water. Another design advantage is its painted finish, which also helps prevent rust and corrosion. The unit is easy to clean and service and quiet to operate, giving you many good reasons to be glad you chose Trane.


Comfort™ Coil

HVAC Heating Coil

Get the most out of your air conditioner or heat pump with a properly matched HVAC evaporator coil from Trane. Whether you need an A/C evaporator coil, furnace coil, or a matched heat pump evaporator coil a Trane certified specialist can help you choose the best option for your HVAC system.

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